Our Staff, NRCS Staff & Supervisors

Sarah Longenecker

Sarah Longenecker ~County Conservationist, SWCD (2013-Present) sarah.longenecker@in.nacdnet.net

Sandra Hoffarth

Sandra Hoffarth - Administrative Assistant, SWCD (2014-present) sandra.hoffarth@in.nacdnet.net


Sam Buchanan - Environmental Education Coordinator, SWCD (2020-present) samantha.buchanan@in.nacdnet.net


Debbie Knepp ~ District Conservationist, USDA, NRCS (1983-Present) Deb.Knepp@usda.gov

John Dooms, Chairman (1981-Present)


Mike Burkholder, Supervisor (2010-present)

Dave Vandewalle

Dave Vandewalle, Associate Supervisor (2009-2016) Supervisor (2016-present)

Chris Matthys

Chris Matthys, Supervisor (2021-present)

Sam James

Sam James, Supervisor (2021-present)

Dave Craft, Supervisor (2003-2009, 2018-2021) Associate Supervisor (2000-2002, 2010-2018, 2021-present)

Chuck Lehman, Associate Supervisor (1980-present)

Randy Matthys, Associate Supervisor (1987-present)

Richard Schmidt

Richard Schmidt, Associate Supervisor (1985-present)

Dave Straughn

Dave Straughn, Associate Supervisor (2018-present)

Dru Wrasse, Associate Supervisor (2007-present)

St. Joseph County Soil & Water Conservation District Plymouth Service Center 2903 Gary Drive, Plymouth, IN 46563 Phone: 574-936-2024 Ext. 4 Fax: 855-496-7861. Please direct comments or concerns to info@stjosephswcd.org or call 574-936-2024 Ext 4.

© 6 March 2013 ~ St. Joseph County SWCD The St. Joseph County SWCD and USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Refer to our Civil Rights Statement page for details.

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Chris Matthys

Chris Matthys, Supervisor (2021-present)