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Soil / Water Maps & Data

Information contained in soil survey reports is useful to agricultural producers, private land owners, educators, and a wide variety of professionals that work with natural resources.

Web Soil Survey

The Soils Maps for about anywhere in the United States are available from the Web Soil Survey on the web at:

  • For assistance in using the Web Soil Survey, try a few tutorials by CLICKING HERE. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our office. 

  • The Web Soil Survey (WSS) is an eGovernment application developed by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide producers, governmental agencies, consultants, and the general public with electronic access to National Cooperative Soil Survey data and related information. The information contained in the survey inventories has been of immense value in reducing the risk of ... environmental damage and economic loss and increasing the nation's productivity and quality of life. With approximately 2300 digital soil surveys now accessible via the internet, these benefits should increase. WSS allows customers to view or print soil and thematic maps and tabular soil data reports online for their geographic area of interest (AOI). (SOURCE)


List of Soil Testing Labs Available from Purdue

Do you need to test your soils?


Purdue’s List of Soil Testing Labs is available on the web.


The Purdue Agronomy website for other crop and soil needs.



Flood Plain Maps

Flood Plain Maps are available online for most communities.  To get a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for your community, CLICK HERE


Hoosier Riverwatch Database for Volunteer-Based Stream Water Quality Monitoring

(SOURCE) Hoosier Riverwatch is a program of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife. The program began in Indiana to increase public awareness of water quality issues and concerns by training volunteers to monitor stream water quality.


The mission of Hoosier Riverwatch is to involve the citizens of Indiana in becoming active stewards of Indiana's water resources through watershed education, water monitoring, and clean-up activities. Hoosier Riverwatch is a state-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative.  


Hoosier Riverwatch accomplishes this mission through the following goals:


  • Educate citizens on watersheds and the relationship between land use and water quality.

  • Train citizens on the basic principles of water quality monitoring.

  • Promote opportunities for involvement in water quality issues.

  • Provide water quality information to individuals or groups working to protect water resources.

  • Support volunteer efforts through technical assistance, monitoring equipment, networking opportunities, and educational materials.


To access the Hoosier Riverwatch database on the web, check out:

Soil Data Mart

The Soils Maps for about anywhere in the United States are available from the Web Soil Survey on the web at:

  • Also developed by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Soil Data Mart is a one-stop source for digital soils data that includes over 2000 U.S. soil surveys with spatial and tabular information plus another 800 soil surveys with tabular (soil attribute) data only. Replaces the Map Unit Interpretation Records (MUIR) and the Soil Survey Geographical Database (SSURGO) databases. The spatial data is only available for downloading and is designed for GIS use. The Soil Data Mart allows you to:  

  1. Determine where spatial and tabular data are available

  2. Download data for a soil survey

  3. Download a MicroSoft Access template for use with the tabular data

  4. Generate a variety of soil reports

  5. Find contact information for a soil survey

  6. Subscribe to update notifications for a soil survey area

  7. Soil Laboratory Data  


Aerial Photo Maps and Historic Maps

Aerial Photo Maps for about anywhere in Indiana are available from "Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index" and the Indiana Geological Survey on the web.


Historic Maps are now available online through a cooperative project between the Indiana State Library and IUPUI. These collections include the Electronic Atlas of Central Indiana, Historic Indiana Atlases, Historic Indiana Maps, some Indiana Plat Books, and the Indianapolis Sanborn Maps and Baist Atlas Collection. Additional resources for land include the Indiana Historic Architecture Slide Collection, Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory, and a selection of Indianapolis City Directories. These collections are hosted on the IUPUI website and are not maintained by the Indiana State Archives.


Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of the United States

The Daily Streamflow Conditions Map of the United States, developed by US Geological Survey (USGS), shows real-time streamflow conditions as measured at USGS gaging stations.


Related Web Sites with More Information about Soil and Water Data





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