Youth Education Programs


Environmental Concerns

GRADES 4 & UP - Discusses some common environmental problems and solutions.

45 Minutes

Jethro the Scarecrow

GRADES PRE-K, K, 1 & 2 - Jethro discusses food chains and how everything goes back to plants and the soil.

30 Minutes

Legends & Folktales

One of Rick Glassman's favorites!  Animal stories for all ages.

K-30 Minutes, 1st & up 45 Minutes

Nature Games

Have fun while learning about nature.



45-60 Minutes


Discusses the 4 R's

  • Recycle

  • Reuse

  • Reduce

  • Rethink

45 Minutes

Soils of Indiana

GRADES 3 & UP - What is soil and how is it formed?

45 Minutes

Spirit of the Earth

GRADES 4 & UP - Discuesses how everything is connected and some "interesting" Indiana history.

45 Minutes

Tree I.D.

GRADES 3 & UP - Inside or out, with or without trees. 


Note: We will need some room to run.

45 Minutes

Water & You

GRADES 3 & UP - What are watersheds, the water cycle and groundwater and how are they affected by pollution.

45 Minutes

Wetland Life

GRADES 3 & UP - Discusses types and importance of wetlands.

45 Minutes

Wildlife Dynamics

GRADES 4 & UP - Discusses the factors that affect a wildlife population.

45 Minutes

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If you have any questions on any of the following programs, please contact Rick Glassman at: or 574-936-2024 Ext. 4


Most programs are $0.50/student within St. Joseph County unless otherwise stated.

Hands on

Sense of Wonder

Brings the field trip to the classroom with soil, wetlands, owl pellets and furs.  Not to be scheduled with normal program days.  Grades 3-8 Cost $1 per student.

60 Minutes


Talks about the importance of worms and lets kids touch, lookat and eat a "worm."

30-45 Minutes

Amphibians & Reptiles

Meet some of our common frogs, toads, salamanders & snakes.

45 Minutes

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Slide Shows

General Slide Shows Include:

  1. Mammals of Indiana

  2. Birds of Indiana

  3. Insects of Indiana

  4. Owls of Indiana

  5. Indiana Endangered Species

Other slide shows include:

  1. Animals of Indiana - talks about a variety of mammals, birds, insects, herpetology & more

  2. Bats - learn the importance of these fascinating and misunderstood mammals

  3. Backyard Wildlife - learn how to attract wildlife into your yard and a little about what type of animals you may see.

  4. Who's in the Hollowtree? - talks about the life cycle of a tree, how it becomes hollow and the animals tha tuse it.

  5. Invasive Species - GRADES 3 & ABOVE - what are they and what are their impacts on the environment.

45 Minutes

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Field Trips