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Cost Share Opportunities

Now is the time to start thinking about Cover Crop Seeds!

The goal of the Conservation Cropping Systems to Improve Soil Health grant is to improve water quality by helping producers utilize all aspects of the conservation cropping systems (no-till, cover crops, nutrient management, & filter strips) which will improve soil health, reduce erosion & nutrient runoff in the Kankakee Watershed. To reduce nutrient loading our program will offer a cost-share program for new acres for cover crops, no-till, nutrient management & filter strips.

We selected the Kankakee River Watershed area because of the vulnerability of our watershed due to the water table being very close to the surface in many areas and easily contaminated by chemical and nutrient runoff as well as sediment runoff. We also have many areas of sandy soils which drain too quickly to properly filter the same contaminates. Encouraging and implementing the conservation cropping systems will help to reduce the contamination of our water by limiting the chemicals, nutrients, and sediment that is released from the soil.

Through this grant we have cost share money to help you get started.

Contact our office for more information and to get an application.

(574) 936-2024 Ext. 4 or

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