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Invasive Species

The news of Invasive Species is spreading!


What is an Invasive Species?

Invasive species are organisms that are...

not native to the ecosystem.

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likely to cause economic or environmental harm.

likely to cause harm to human health.


These organisms are the most aggressive of the non-native species introduced in the US and can cause major changes in the areas they inhabit.

Invasive species are organisms that are...

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SMIPP Leadership:

Ally Pudlo, Co-Leader for St. Joseph County

Jodie Overmyer, Co-Leader for Marshall County

Ronda Spaulding, SICIM Regional Specialist for Northwest Indiana

Links for more information:

Take a look at some invasive species that could be in your neighborhood!
To get more information a specific species, go to the Invasive Plant Atlas.

Here's a free guide to invasives:
Regulated Invasive Species

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