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Conservation practices work to preserve the integrity of the soil and to improve the soil to provide resiliency. Our four principles for soil health are minimizing disturbance, maximizing living roots, maximizing biodiversity, and miximizing soil cover. 


Tilling is a common practice of turning over the top six to ten inches of soil to mix in crop residue, manure, etc. However, this leaves the soil bare which increases the amount of erosion from wind and water. 

Avoiding tillage maintains the soil structure and allows for water and nutrient infiltration.

Cover crops are seasonal crops planted to keep the soil covered. The help increase the organic matter in the soil, prevent erosion, conserve water, suppress weeds, and reduce compaction.

Cover Crops

Red Hen Turf Farm cover crops and no till.jpg

Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing is the practice of keep the animals in one section of the pastures at a time, allowing the remaining pastures to rest.


There are many practices that we can help with! Check out our Farm Bill page to read more!

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