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Urban & Small Farms

Urban agriculture is growing across St. Joseph County, and we recognize the nature of urban and small-scale farms with come with different needs than traditional large-scale farms. We offer technical assistance and educational opportunities and administer financial support to help.

Soil Health Practices are integral to successful, regenerative agriculture. You can find more information on our Soil Health page. Urban soil are often depleted of nutrients and compacted, and may have contaminants, so it is important to test the soil and choose practices to improve the soil health when you're considering growing food.


The St. Joseph County Regenerative Ag Partnership is a local group whose goal is to promote soil health practices for urban and small farms in St. Joseph County. We offer technical assistance, workshops, and educational initiatives throughout the year. Join our email list to find out about upcoming events and how to be a part of the group!

SCRAP Urban Working Group

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