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Soil Testing

In every setting, urban or rural, healthy soils equals healthy plants. As soil supports nearly all of our food production, we all benefit from healthy soils.  


Learning what type of soil you have, its pH and mineral content, and how it holds water is important for determining how healthy your soil is and what you could do to improve it.


NRCS Agronomist Ray Archuleta demonstrates a simple way to test the health and stability of your soil.

We encourage everyone to dig a little and check out how your soil looks and feels. Does it stick together when you squeeze it? Are there a lot of earthworms?

There are a few simple things you can do to check your soil out a little further. This video is an easy way to see how stable your soil is. 

Also check out these publications that talk about soil testing:



Soil Testing Laboratories

Sending your soil samples into a lab will provide accurate results, which is preferable for many situations. A professional technician will test your soil, give you the composition, mineral, and pH results, as well as recommendations for amendments.  Soil Testing

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