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Backyard Conservation


Even in the city, conservation practices that improve

soil health and water quality are important!

Using conservation practices that improve soil health and water quality help the environment and create a more attractive and enjoyable landscape.


Many urban landscapes have poor soil. These practices can be used to provide a better environment for the birds and pollinators, to control soil erosion, to protect our rivers and streams, to conserve water, and more.

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Backyard Conservation

Backyard conservation is about working with nature to provide an attractive landscape that benefits the soil, the water, and the wildlife.

The Right Plants

It is important to choose the right plant for the right location. Take into account the space you have. Is it a wet location? Shady? Also consider native plants, which are often better suited to the native soils, and are better to support out wildlife, birds, pollinators. Finally, choose diversity! Choosing a variety of different plants not only helps more insects and wildlife, but also provides a better chance for your plants to succeed.

Soil Testing



Water Conservation

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So, what's your concern?

Keep It Covered!

More to come!

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