Backyard Conservation

"Just as they do on the farm, conservation practices on nonagricultural land can help increase food and shelter for birds and other wildlife, control soil erosion, reduce sediment in waterways, conserve water and improve water quality, inspire a stewardship ethic, and beautify the landscape.

Backyard Conservation shows you how conservation practices that help conserve and improve natural resources on agricultural land across the country can be adapted for use around your home. These practices help the environment and can make your yard more attractive and enjoyable. Most backyard conservation practices are easy to use. America's farmers and ranchers have been using these practices successfully for decades.

Whether you have rural acreage, a suburban yard, or a city lot, you can help protect the environment and add beauty and interest to your surroundings. Ten conservation practices have been scaled down for homeowners."  (Source: NRCS)

Wildlife Habitats

Planting trees in your yard will improve nesting habitats for birds...

Water Quality

In Indiana many backyards border lakes, streams and wetlands. It is important to keep natural buffers around these areas to protect water quality and wildlife habitat.

Soil Quality

Soil is one of Earth’s most precious resources. It provides the support and nourishment that plants need in order to grow. In turn, plants provide food for animals and people.

Invasive Species

A plant might be pretty, but could cause problems down the road.  Learn which plants are invasive in our area.

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Rain Gardens

A Rain Garden is NOT a garden that has standing water, even though its name kind of sounds like it.

Rather, Rain Gardens collect and slow stormwater run off and increase its infiltration into the soil.

Tree & Shrub Plantings

Trees & shrubs provide many benefits to people and the communities they live in.

Rain Barrels & Composters

Rain Barrels help reduce roof rainwater runoff and improve water quality...

Indiana Native Plants, Trees & Flowers

Want to get back to a natural Indiana look in your yard?  Find out which plants, trees & flowers are native to Indiana.

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Program Information


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