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Programs & Services


Agriculture information and resources, including:


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Staff

  • NRCS Mission Statement

  • NRCS Role in St. Joseph County

  • Brief Explanation of Farm Bill Programs

Backyard Conservation

Whether you have a large country lot, a suburban yard, or a tiny plot in the city, you can help protect the environment and add beauty and interest to your surroundings. Backyard conservation refers to a number of different practices you can establish on your property. The practices include native vegetation plantings, buffer strips, wetland restoration, composting, nutrient management, chemical use reduction, erosion control, and water quality protection.


Click below for more information, including:


  • SWCD Staff Contacts

  • Wildlife Habitat

  • Water Quality

  • Rain Barrels

  • Rain Gardens

  • Soil Quality

  • Composting

  • Program Information  

Education and Outreach

The St. Joseph County Soil and Water Conservation District offers programs to any school/group located within St. Joseph County, often for free.  The District believes that conservation education extends to all ages and that students can develop an understanding of conservation at an early age and hopefully carry those lessons with them throughout their lives. 


Click below for more information, including:  


  • SWCD Environmental Education Staff

  • Program Information

Stormwater & Urban Conservation – Including Rule 5/MS4 Permitting

The St. Joseph County Soil and Water Conservation District’s primary responsibility under state law is to promote the wise use of soil, water, and related natural resources.  Soil erosion, and the resulting sedimentation, is one of our main resource concerns.


Click below for more information on Stormwater & Urban Conservation information and resources, including:


  • SWCD Staff Contacts

  • Submission ~ Contacts for St. Joseph County

  • Plan Submission ~ SWPPP or SWQMP?  Rule 5 or Rule 13/MS4?    

  • Michiana Stormwater Partnership

  • Construction Site Information (Including Rule 5/MS4 Permitting)

  • Links ~ More Guidance for Operators

Tree and Shrub Planting

Click below for more information, including:


  • SWCD Staff Contacts

  • SWCD Annual Conservation Tree Sale

  • General Information

  • Naturescaping

  • Why Plant Trees and Shrubs?

  • Tree & Shrub Planting Information

  • Forestry Organizations

  • Tree & Shrub Websites

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