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2016 Pasture Walks

One of the ways Management Intensive Rotational Grazing has gained acceptance and following is through an active Pasture Walk program. Beginning in 1998, rotational grazers from the area have gathered on grazing farms for an informal tour. The groups discuss soil, weather conditions, forages, paddock arrangements, livestock varieties, breeds and genetics, watering systems, feeding practices, building arrangement, milking and farm equipment. Much of the interest in rotational grazing in the region still comes from dairymen, however the management system has been applied and adapted to all manner of livestock raising: beef cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, and even "exotics" like bison, llamas and alpacas. The Pasture Walk host describes what he does on is farm and gives the attendees a chance to ask questions or offer advice or, as is more usual, both.

Pasture Walks take place from May through October every year, on the second Thursday afternoon of each month. The program is coordinated by the LaGrange County SWCD. NRCS personnel support and attend the programs and provide expertise and technical information. Most importantly, Pasture Walks are attended and supported by local livestock grazers, who come to each program with both questions and advice, good experiences and bad, and an intimate knowledge or what works...and what doesn't!


July 14 - Atlee Yutzy 1660 Beech Rd Nappanee, IN 46540

August 11 - Daniel Schrock 10225 W 100 S Middlebury, IN 46540

September 8 TBA

October 13 - Devon Yoder- 6805 W 400 S Topeka, IN 46571

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