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The Division of Fish & Wildlife Citizen Science Programs

Citizen science is scientific research conducted by volunteers. The volunteer’s time and knowledge assist Fish & Wildlife (FW) biologist in their research. Working together, biologist and volunteers gather more data to analyze. The data allows FW biologist to make informed decisions about Indiana’s wildlife.

FW has several citizen science projects around the state. If you are a birder we have quail roadside bird surveys and waterfowl counts. Do you happen to have bats roosting on your property? If yes, we need your help counting the population.

One of our biggest citizen science projects, called Snapshot IN, uses trail cameras. Volunteers with ten or more acres set-up provided trail cameras for 30 days. From this study the cameras detected 42 species. Much to the excitement of the biologists, the first record of a bobcat in Boone County was recorded by a Snapshot volunteer!

Checkout all our volunteer opportunities:

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