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Recycling your Christmas Tree

Option 1: Check with your city trash service to see if they offer curb side pick up.

Option 2: Drop off at Organic Resources. Note: The fee will be waived for disposal of Christmas trees only. Trees must be dropped off during business hours: 8:00 AM- 3:45 PM (Closed 12:30 PM- 1:00 PM) Address: 4340 Trade Dr., South Bend, IN 46628.

Option 3: Composting the tree yourself. You can cut it into smaller pieces and add it to your compost pile or stand it up in your backyard to create some attractive bird habitat. You can even decorate it with orange slices, nuts and bird suet to create an organic bird feeder!


  • South Bend Street Department - (574) 235-9244

  • Mishawaka Street Department - (574) 258-1660

  • Organic Resources - (574) 287-6841

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