Educational Resources and Supplies

SWCD offers educational supplies that can be borrowed for short periods of time. You can use the supplies yourself or our education coordinator can prepare and teach a lesson for you. For any questions or to borrow supplies, please email or call our office.

Please check out our resources and supplies guidelines here.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Ideal for teaching watersheds and topography. We will transport and set up the sandbox for you.


Want to check out the sandbox but aren't sure what to teach? Check out this resource from USGS. You can also contact our education coordinator to get a custom lesson plan for your AR sandbox experience. 

Wildlife Kit


The wildlife kit contains several pelts, furs, skulls, and replica animal tracks. The kit is transported in a large tub (roughly 42"x18"x18") We also have accompanying lesson plans and PowerPoint available below.

Indiana Wildlife PowerPoint

Skull Identification Lesson Plan

Enviroscape Model

This is a tabletop nonpoint source pollution model. It is transported in its own large rolling carrying case. A great way to teach how pollution affects the water and land!

Learn more about Enviroscape here.

wildlife kit.jpg